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Certificate ISO 9001:2008 - a document confirming the quality management system (QMS) requirements of the international standard ISO 9001, adopted as a national of more than 120 countries, including China. ISO 9001 certification is voluntary, but its presence gives the company a significant competitive advantage, and also simplifies some aspects of the certification of products in a variety of certification systems. More and more companies and commercial organizations wishing to buy today ISO 9001:2008, primarily guided by the fact that it allows the certificate to set clear priorities in the existing quality management system, thus opening new perspectives to the organization.


Contents ISO 9001:2008 stands for the following reasons:

     - The total efficiency of the enterprise;
     - significant increase competitiveness;
     - a significant reduction in production costs, which will lead to a sharp rise in profits;
     - 9001 certificate enhances business reputation in the eyes of potential consumer audience.


Issued the certificate you also get:

     - Certificate of Compliance;
     - Certificate issued to you for three years and valid for the entire territory of Russia. Seotifikat passage can extend surveillance once a year;
     - Certified auditors on internal audits;
     - Permit the use of a mark of conformity.


What should I do to get a certificate?

1. Send to a certification authority for the certification of QMS in compliance with ISO 9001 system;
2. Pay Certificate
3. Examine certification documentation;
4. Perform an organization's documentation and place it in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001;


Cost Certificate for China - 600 $ (USD) or 3724 CNY
Payment Methods: - PayPal, WebMoney, Qiwi 
Certificate Delivery - FREE!


To order a certificate ISO 9001:2008 for China should send an e-mail:


Sample document:


Certificate of conformity Сертификат соответствия
Разрешение на применение знака соответствия системы сертификации «Стандарт премиум» Сертификат соответствия аудитора